Adler investigates the correlation between tangible material and its incorporeal dimensions.

Photography: Courtesy of the Artist

Photography: Courtesy of the Artist

PROJECT Artist Film
ARTIST Felix Kiessling
SERVICES Creative Direction, Production

This video is an experimental documentation of the decay of a highly symbolic historical piece of iron that allows to witness and listen to iron matter turning to soil again.

The work takes as its starting point the recovery of a historical artefact. By focussing on the pure matter of which the object is made, as well as its ability to encapsulate time, this work suggests an alternative journey through time. It is an abstract, mechanical, aesthetic proposition towards an object’s embodiment of time, beyond the imposed political meaning and symbolism it inherits.

Adler project is an ongoing project. 
El mundo es una pequeña esfera. 
United against any form of fascism and racism.

Stills: Courtesy of the Artist. 



Adler (01)
Adler was produced within the frame of Übermut project, an initiative of visitBerlin and Stadt Hamburg Marketing, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. Travel was supported by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

A Film by Felix Kiessling and Marietta Auras.
Argentina & Uruguay, 2018

© Felix Kiessling, 2018

Director: Felix Kiessling
Producer: Marietta Auras
Camera: Marietta Auras
Editor: Gal Yaron
Sounddesign: Felix Kiessling, Alexander Müll
Color Grading: Gal Yaron

Produced for Die Informale: Videoramas, Buenos Aires, 2018

Lutz Henke, Die Informale Team, Rudolph Reimer and Heinrich Pette Institut Hamburg (Leibnitz Institut für Experimentelle Virologie), Erika Schlubach, Musitelli Uruguay, Alfredo Etchegaray, German Ambassador Uruguay: Dr. Ingo von Voss, Oliver Lanner and the Embassy BRD Buenos Aires, Ministry of Defense Uruguay, Armada Nacional – Marina de Uruguay, Señor Jefe del departamento de Relaciones Públicas de la Armada / Capitán de Navío: Marcelo Etchevers, Martin Cracuin, Effie Efthymiadi, Nicolas Monti, Ximena Moreno, Manuel Mendoza Sánchez, Pablo Caligaris, Chela, La Ira de Dios (Buenos Aires).

Videoramas, Die Informale, Buenos Aires 2018