Both the southernmost and northernmost points of Continental Europe have been shortened by 40 cm. 

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Photography: Courtesy of the Artist

Photography: Courtesy of the Artist

PROJECT Artist Film
ARTIST Felix Kiessling
SERVICES Creative Direction, Production

As the boundary between land and water, a coastline is both of these at the same time – the exact border between the two is hard to define. Whether you are defining a location or measuring a distance, the results will always depend on the accuracy of your measurement. A more accurate measurement will make a coastline look longer, taking more details into account. For ENDPUNKT EUROPA Felix Kiessling is looking at the outer limits of Europe. He travels to a point on the coast and takes one grain of it, defining it as the northernmost or southernmost point of Europe. The search for extremities doesn't stop there: the grain will be examined with an electron microscope. In its tiny structure we come even closer to Europe's furthest extremity. Felix Kiessling invites the viewer to travel to a point that doesn't really exist. 


This short experimental film documents the artistic intervention of artist Felix Kiessling questioning the concept of borders and cartographies. ‚Endpunkt Europa‘ juxtapose two dramatically different ends of Continental Europe: Cape Nordkinn in North Norway and Tarifa in Spain. While the journey to the North end proved challenging due to the cold, untrodden lands and white nothingness, the journey to the South revealed obstacles of bureaucratic nature. Islas de las Palomas, Tarifa’s south-end peninsula, appears as a dystopian amalgam of off-season surf tourism, ancient history of fortresses, and a high-tech frontier for the current migrant crisis.

Stills: Courtesy of the Artist. Credits: Cedric Retzmann. 



Endpunkt Europa
Your map is not correct anymore.
A Film by Felix Kiessling and Marietta Auras
Nordkyn and Tarifa, 2017

Video: Courtesy of the Artist

Director: Marietta Auras, Felix Kiessling
Producer: Marietta Auras
DoP: Cedric Retzmann
Editor: Philipp Müller
Sounddesign: Felix Kiessling, Alexander Müll
Color Grading: Cedric Retzmann
Supported by: MS Wissenschaft/Wissenschaft im Dialog/German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung)

Vidar Karlstad & Team, Nordic Safari Wildlife Adventures AS, Benjamin Ude, Fisherman Antonio, Guardia Civil Gibraltar/Ministerio Del Interior, 25p Cine Support Berlin, Maya Röttger, Alexander Levy, Lydia Ahrens, Beate Langholf, Maren Grüber, Prof. Dr. Rudolph Reimer, Heinrich Pette Institut/Leibniz-Institut für Experimentelle Virologie Hamburg, Jakob Zoche, Alexander Müll, Carolin Oetzel.

Meere und Ozeane, MS Wissenschaft, Bonn 2017
Festival of Future Nows, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin 2017
UNBOXING - alexander levy invited by LEVY, LEVY Galerie, Hamburg 2017